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Adam Stiles LLC can construct and repair practically any commercial roof. Whether it be your work, school, church, bank, or private office, we are here to protect your building. We provide commercial roofing services with competitive pricing and quality you can rely on time and time again. We also offer complete commercial roof inspections, with detailed reports and yearly service programs.

Our professionally trained team will service your commercial roofing system with top-ranked materials and products to properly install your roofing system in the Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY area.

Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement

Some issues with your roof may be minor, therefore only requiring a repair instead of a full roof replacement. Roof repairs extend your roof’s life and are more budget friendly than a re-covering or replacement.

However, after years of roof repairs, you may spend more than the cost of a full replacement. There are several factors to look for when considering a repair or a replacement:

What is the current state of the roof’s membrane?
Membrane roofing, which is usually made of rubber, pushes water off so it doesn’t saturate the roof. Once the membrane has worn out, water can make its way to the exposed material, causing damage.

Are you having troubles with insulation?
Are summers too hot and winters too cold inside your building? This may be caused by your roof’s insulation improperly working, making it difficult to keep a comfortable temperature.

What is the age of your roof?
Unfortunately, no roof can last forever. The majority of commercial roofing systems last the majority of two decades, but once 15 years have passed, roofs need to be more frequently monitored for deterioration. The longevity of the roof is also affected by the local climate.

What is your budget?
To keep costs lower than the price of a full replacement, you may choose to repair the issues that are necessary at that time. But again, remember that a continual need of repairs over time can cost more than the price of a new roof.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Commercial Roof?

Everyone should consider this question, but keep in mind that the condition of your roof is critical to the protection of the people and assets inside your building. The cost of a replacement for your commercial roof will be affected by several factors: 

What size or type of roof do you have?
While larger roofs do cost more than smaller roofs, the price per square foot could go down as the size of the roof increases. Depending on how much work needs to be done, it would be wise to compare the cost of repairs to a full roof replacement.

What is the shape of your building?
The shape and details of your roof will affect the price of repairs or a replacement. Time and labor are adjusted based on the slope and shape of your commercial roof.

Where is your building located?
The location of your building may require extra permits or it may be in an area that is affected by bad or cold weather, which will impact the cost.

Which roofing contractor is best for the job?
Where you put your money matters. Just because one contractor is cheaper than another doesn’t always mean they are the right choice for your commercial building. Adam Stiles LLC is a licensed, fully-insured contractor who will bring you the quality roofing service you need.

Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

As a local roofing contractor located in Georgetown, Indiana, Adam Stiles LLC takes pride in being a part of the surrounding community. Our roofing specialists take care of our customers by bringing quality products and service to you because providing professional solutions is our passion.

Available 24 hours a day, contact us for a free quote for your next commercial roofing needs. 

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